Took a ride on Thursday morning. My thanks to the good people at APEX CYCLE in Cambridge.

This bike was FAST.  In every way. Partly due to being the lightest, lighter even then the Honda CB500X. So when you cranked the right hand, the 75hp rushed to the rear wheel and you were GONE! The throttle needed no encouragement. A minor tweak, and it felt as if all the horses were there.  After the twisties, I rode onto the 401. Busy with traffic, so I opened the throttle. As I pulled into the left lane and looked down at the speedometer, I realised that the full 110hp was unnecessary. Thank you to whoever put in the scalloped seat.

A dry, sunny day. A fast, pliant, and thoroughly chuckable bike. Perfect?

Well, there were a few iffy bits for me

  • Short bike. And yet the feet were quite a way back. Good for hunkering down as you zoom along the highways. And probably helped when you were standing on the pegs. But not for relaxed cruising.
  • Small bike. And yet the rear seat made it quite a challenge getting on and off. I used the foot-peg. So that made it easier.
  • Fast bike. Yeah. I would either be dead, or lose my licence.   I should have checked the options to see if the throttle could be made less sensitive.  As it was, I can see why people love the 848. There is a RUSH. But that is not what I am looking for.
  • Not much vibration, but not that smooth either.

So I went back to the chaps at Sturgess in Hamilton, and rode the Triumph Tiger XC again. Much more my style. Really is a smooth engine. Slick gearbox. Heavier bike, but I am past my mad days.