The Things a Chap will do for a T-shirt

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With temperatures of -8DegC and blowing snow for the middle third of the trip, it was a pleasure to get close to Port Dover and the warmth of -4DegC. Yes, it was noticably warmer!!!!!! And much needed warmth, as even with 3+ layers, the ride was chilly after the first hour.

Was able to get back AOK, thanks to Jasmine’s Foodery, (that was at 301 Main St), and their much needed and excellent soup (bacon&potato), followed by pasta (fettuccine with buffalo meat sauce).

Counted only 6 bikes on the road as I was coming in, and another 6 in the town. A far cry from last years 120,000+++.  But that was in April.

Why do bikers ride to Port Dover? Dunno. Probably started by a few, after multiple beers, many years ago.

Where is Port Dover?  See below.

GPS location Date/Time:12/13/2013 14:44:25 EST
Click this link to map this location.