On the weekend, temperatures rose above zero.

Took Saturday to clean most of the ice around the bike. On Sunday, the ice on the alley-way was still there, so had to be super careful going out, and coming back in. Nice to say, the bike tracked well.

Once on the road and the highways, it was dry, with a few minor damp patches from the snow melt, and the odd pot-hole. 16 days without a ride is too long. I was running along the QEW and enjoying the ride. Got so caught up in the ride, I missed the exit!  But gifts had to be delivered. Took the next exit, and as sometimes happens in life, turned out to be an easier route to the first destination.  Woke up every recipient. Who sleeps-in past 11am on a Sunday morning? “Ne-bozznikki”?

Job done. Then home to park, and clean, the bike and gear. Bike cleanup was easy. Water did not freeze as when I cleaned the bike after the ride on the 13th.  Checked the engine oil. Then oiled the chain. Had a look at removing the battery, but think I will wait to see how the weather is in 3 weeks time.

And the cherry on top of the cake? Paul let me know that Leicester City won their Sunday game. Top of the Championship table:)

This arrived. A photo of LJ’s God-Daughter Tribe 🙂

June says:

Good to read all your news! Super photo of The Bike, and I love the logo on the T shirt. Well worth the effort. The 13th December is a day of Scandinavian celebration of bringing Light into homes to tide over the winter months. I didn’t just make that up! 🙂