Ukraiina (Ukraine) back from the Brink?

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The BBC has reported on their blog that President Yanukovych has agreed to restore the 2004 Constitution (limiting Presidential powers) and form a coalition government with the opposition.  A State of Emergency will not be declared. And a truce will prevail.

Longer term. A revision to the Constitution is due this September, aimed at ensuring a balance of power between  the President and Parliament. There will be an early election, December 2014, for the office of President.

There is to be an investigation into the violence.

Caveat. Russian media is already reporting that the violence was due to protestors firing on other protestors. So expect investigations & elections, to be biased. Russia will try to keep Ukraine under it’s dominance. Strange. When the logical option would be for Russia to join the European Union (EU)  too. After all, the EU is Russia’s largest trading partner.