Ukraiina – means ‘country on the edge’

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And that certainly has been the history. From the earliest times,  Swedes, Tartars, Turks, Poles, Austrians, Russians and more, have travelled through and taken chunks of this country.

Russia had legislation passed that enables  Putin to invade any part of Ukraiina. Worked for Putin in Georgia. Same approach will be used, And everyone will say “What a shame” and move on.

And do not think that Yanukovych was a duly elected official. The normal three-step process to controlling a country is: bribe (in all manner of ways); coerce (via media and through jobs); then violence (internal, then external forces). This is why Ukraine ranks 144th on the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. And why people are upset with Yanukovych. Not because he is pro-Russian, or anti-European. It can be a nasty place to live.

Want to help? Call your MP and have sanctions put on the Russian Oligarchy too.