“The first casualty…………..

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…………….of war is truth. ”        Seems to be happening in Ukraine.

Russian media spreading doom&gloom.  Meanwhile, Ukrainian Channel 5, and others,  have been blocked in Crimea.

For the doom&gloom, this was from people with personal experience. For the blocked channels, you can see on Channel 5’s site http://www.5.ua/ as of March 3rd.

I really miss the days when news used to consist of facts. That was a long time ago, and only in a few places. Even fewer today. Seems to be that everyone is keen to give opinions, and sway emotions.

The Economist has a good reputation for providing information, and has a summary of the events till March 1st.   Everyone seems to be keen that Ukraiina choose between the EU and Russia. Maybe Ukraiina should steer a middle path. It’s own path.

Now all we need are the facts, and a way to get them to everyone.