Friday night had A MOST EXCELLENT concert in Mississauga. If you were one of the 1,300 that attended, wow!!! Brilliant performances. Great speakers. And lots of money raised. Here is an alphabetic list of people who made the 4 hours seem like two!

A lot of the musicians played again on Saturday night.

Then Sunday, at Toronto’s City Hall, we had a service of remembrance. For those that fell at the Maidan. Followed by more music and reminders that the Maidan is all about the chance for a good life. Nothing flash. Just honesty in government. The ability to live in peace. And for the population to create the Ukraiina that they want. Only Putin paints this as a Russian vs Ukrainian event. You just had to look through the list of fallen to see that every religion, ethnic background and region was represented. Listening to the speakers, and singers, brought that message out loud and clear.

This is a long-game. Those who live there, realize that. But also that we are all at a tipping point.

After all, it was only in 1960 that Aboriginal Canadians were granted the right to vote Federally. So two or three generations is all Ukraiina needs.