Ontario went to the polls.

Russia sent tanks into Ukraine.

Where would you rather live?

PS: Why would Russia take Crimea and then ferment unrest in Ukraine? Maybe it is all part of the Prophecy of Saint Agathangelos [about the sea of Azov]. Tauris is an old name for Crimea. Scythia is an old name for the plains of Ukraine.       “I heard a voice coming from the Bear saying thus: Russia, wake up from your sleep! To you the word of the Angel and in the morning of the sun, your lamp shall be filled with oil even before the sun appears in the eastern zodiac you will become furious.  O friend, here are your instruments of war, filling the skies with melody.  Your warriors and your heroes shall chant the victory songs, inviting the planet to restructuring. Once you have been victorious on the peninsula and you cross lake Maeotis (edit: Sea of Azov) you shall destroy the land of Tauris and the surround lands of Scythia”