Fund-raising Picnic, on July 6th

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As the fighting continues in the East of Ukraiina, the Canadian branch of Euro-Maidan is staging a fund-raiser. The monies raised are to help the refugees from the fighting. Click on the link to get full details of this picnic to be held in Grimsby. The picnic area is North of the QEW, on Hunter Rd, just north of the North Service Rd W.  Take the Casablanca exit, head towards the lake, head left on the North Service Rd. W. then turn right on Hunter Rd. There will be a $10 entrance fee, per vehicle, with games, etc for the whole family
NOTE: Google Maps will put you south of the QEW, into an industrial park, which is wrong.

There has been a ceasefire declared by the current president Poroshenko. Along with a 15-point peace plan. But lots of reports of further attacks at border posts, and elsewhere.
The former president, Kuchma, has started negotiations, following the 15-point peace plan. And Russia has withdrawn it’s authorization for the use of it’s military in Ukraine.
So there could be hope.

But, as of now, immediate help is required for the thousands of displaced people. Do come and support this picnic.