So the 2014 finals are complete. Congratulations to Germany.

Now we look forward to the next one, in 2018. This is to be held in Russia. FIFA has not yet moved on it’s own statutes, in particular Article 3, which promises zero discrimination. So it is up to us, to take that message to the sponsors. Who are the sponsors? You can see them at

  • Looking at Budweiser, it seems easy enough. Just stop drinking Bud! Well, not as easy as it seems. These global companies have quite a reach. Take the Belgium company AB InBev, which owns Bud. They also own quite a few more brands, as can be seen below (in alphabetic order)
    • Alexander Keith’s
    • BagBier
    • Bass
    • Beck’s
    • Budweiser
    • Busch
    • Cass
    • Corona
    • Dommelsch
    • Dutch Gold
    • Franziskaner
    • Goose Island
    • Guaraná Antarctica
    • Harbin Brewery
    • Hasseröder
    • Hertog Jan
    • Hoegaarden
    • Jupiler
    • Кlinskoye
    • Kokanee
    • Labatt
    • Leffe
    • Löwenbräu
    • Michelob
    • Modelo
    • Natural Ice
    • O’Doul’s
    • Oranjeboom
    • Premier
    • Presidente
    • Quilmes
    • Rifyey
    • Rolling Rock
    • Shock Top
    • Sibirskaya Korona
    • Spaten
    • Stella Artois
    • Tolstyak
    • The company also owns distribution rights to the Bacardi and Monster Energy brands.
  •  Kia, well they are easy to dismiss.
  • SONY are more difficult. I do have most of my electronics from them. But, no more.
  • VISA, well that depends on the cards you already have.
  • Coca Cola is still in discussions with FIFA and Russia

So take a look at your needs, and do without the above brands. Better still, write to them, and say why you are dismissing their product.

And thanks to everyone who joined the protest outside Toronto’s Summerhill LCBO on Sunday, then marched to the French and Russian consulates.  Seemed appropriate to march on the day of the 2014 Final, to protest who gets the 2018 Finals.

We stopped at the French consulate to highlight the sale of French Mistral warships. These will give Russia the ability to control coast lines, which it could not do during the 2008 invasion of  Georgia. With some 450++ troops, armoured vehicles, 16+ helicopters, a hospital and a command centre, these warships are leading edge. And will be the most modern ships in the Russian navy. Anyone with a coastline that Russia can access should worry.

But for now, stop drinking Bud, Stella, Bass, Labbats,…… buying Kia cars, SONY products and using VISA. Because even though Ukraine does not feature so much in the news, here in Canada, the troubles in the eastern regions are still happening.