BMW Loonie-Tic Rally in Trenton

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This is how the bike & tent looked early Saturday morning…..


Luckily the weather held, and warmed as the day passed.

Had an excellent tour around Picton. Seeing

  • RCAF Museum (a tad dis-organized)
  • Barley Days Brewery (go for the beer, stay for the bread)
  • Lake-on-the-Mountain (go for the view and nice lunch)
  • Waupoos Winery (most expensive gelato ever)
  • County Cider Company (summary peach cider, NICE Ice-Cider and EXCELLENT chat with Mary the IT-Biker)
  • Fifth Town Artisan Company (excellent goat chevre, and fun)

My thanks to the crew who organized this rally. Was well run, and great location for touring, as well as Tai Chi in the morning 🙂

Details below……………

GPS location Date/Time:08/22/2014 16:47:10 EDT
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