Still not quiet on the Eastern Front

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The BBC is reporting shelling of the Donetsk airport and Luhansk area using Grad rockets. Hardly a precision instrument.

Would be nice if Britain, USA and Russia lived up to their promises in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum.

But what happens instead? Britain and the USA go and bomb the Middle East, based on theories that ISIS will destroy the West. And that ISIS is blurring the lines between Syria and Iraq. Forgetting to mention that the border was setup via the League of Nations, with France and Britain doing most of the dividing.

Maybe if Ukraine had more oil,  Britain and the USA would help?

When you read how Haliburton and Dick Cheney profited from wars, you begin to think that any war will do. Though with polls showing 70% of Americans opposed to sending in troops, then an aerial bombardment is the only one left.

Luckily, ISIL/ISIS do not have an airforce, so easy to send in planes, drones and missiles.  Supporting Ukraine would mean coming up against the Russian airforce.

Be a long time till all is quiet on the Eastern Front.