Monroe, Outside of Detroit

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Was a COLD morning (-1degC) whilst I finished packing and loaded everything onto the bike. Even leaving at noon, meant that when I reached London, the fleece had to go on, under the winter jacket.

A couple of stops. A couple of nice ladies at the border (customs & toll). A couple of minutes and it was dark. The B&B place I had scouted was someone’s office number and straight to voice-mail, so asked the GPS.

Which is why I am in a Motel 6 room in Munroe. Full of Popeye’s and tea. Dark night arrivals. Reminds me of the time Ola and I ended a trip by sleeping on dining room tables in Wales 🙂

Will take a picture tomorrow………………before I get stuck in Ohio, running out of fuel, as there seems to be very little ethanol-free petrol. Hahahahahaha. I love a challenge and an opportunity.

GPS location Date/Time:11/02/2014 21:02:34 EST
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