Savannah, Georgia, USA

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Came in last night into a Travel Lodge. Same price as a camp site, so booked for two nights!
Did laundry, thence to bed.

Up today to catch the bus downtown, where I joined the guided tour led by ‘Old Savannah Tours‘. Excellent observations of the city.

Lunch was at Mrs Wilkes, which ends at 2pm, so I just snuck in, as did a few others. 20141117-00336_MrsWilkes-Food_smThis photo does not do justice to the food. We had leftovers. Lots. And all of us were FULL. And happily so 🙂

Caught the tour bus for a few more stops. Excellent characters getting on to provide more details. The pirate was EXCELLENT. Johnny Depp watch out 🙂

Got off in the Market to look for Papillote, for a coffee and macaron, but they close Mon&Tues.

Went to the Blue Moon brew-pub. Sampled some beers, they were OK.
Walked down to the Service brewery, but their tours are only Thurs-Sat.
Ended up at The Distillery Ale House, for cask ale, and a couple of other excellent beers.

Still, all that walking helped work off some of the food. Ola would have enjoyed all this. Especially the chat 🙂

Missed the bus. Be warned. Some buses stop at 8:30pm in Savannah.

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