Glad I pre-booked the hotel……

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The run from the border was hot. Seemed to be getting hotter, and the GPS was having hissy fits. One turned out to be a setting issue (shorter route rather than fastest), but the others……… becoming confused and continually recalculating, or just saying continue until road so-and-so without a hint as to the distance!

The evening darkened quickly, then the rain started, gently, so I pulled into a gas station. No ethanol-free, but the new jerry-can came to the rescue. Gave me enough to  get to the hotel, and more. Peace of mind was crucial, as two other customers told me there was a tornado-warning out. Turned out to be just HEAVY rain, and some nasty wind. Sun came out a few miles from the Sheraton, which was nice, especially as my exit was closed, undergoing construction. So I guessed the way to the hotel, un-packed, showered, drank my tea (never leave home without it), and planned the next day.

In the morning, oiled the chain, had REAL breakfast sausages, loaded up and hit the road.

Who would have thought that having damp clothing would help? Yes. My FroggToggs helped, but did not keep all the water off me. But with damp clothing, I did not need to perspire:)

GPS location Date/Time:07/19/2015 08:53:24 EDT

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Richard & Pat says:

Way to go. It’s very hot and sticky here so you are probably loving the cool wind in your face.

Take pictures or better yet stop in a store and get A GoPro.