Illinois that is. Not the capital of Canada 🙂

I decided on a shorter ride, and based on today’s heat and traffic, it was a wise move. Chose Ottawa, just because of the name. Turns out to be famous, as this was a prosperous place because of industry due to a canal. Another Ottawa with a canal!!!  Abe Lincoln had his first debate in Ottawa, with Douglas, in what became known as the Lincoln–Douglas debates.

I was happy to stop by Hacienda Los Jardines, initially for a popsicle, but had the steak salad. 10/10 🙂 Steak was flavourful, and salad fresh and interesting. I walked back to the bike with a frozen, chocolate-coated banana. Ola would have liked that, and loved the choice of ice-cream!

Suitably fortified, I replanned my rides based on today, and booked the next 3 spots to stay. Should be in Billings by Thursday. Later than I planned, but, rule#1, plan to arrive alive 🙂



GPS location Date/Time:07/19/2015 18:05:56 EDT

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Richard & Pat says:

Frozen Banana? O.K.. Must have been quite hot there. It will be about 29 here today so it’s on with the shorts and tend the garden.

Have a nice ride.