Golden Dome in Des Moines

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Thanks to the folks at the Surrey Motel, I had a good night’s sleep. Place was reasonable and clean. Some fixing required, but nothing to worry about. Charlie, Radd and Joe made the place hospitable.
Graham, another Canadian rider, made me a feel like a wimp 🙂 He rode close to 1,000 MILES to get here, and was up at 7:30am to travel a similar distrance, riding home to Kingston, Ontario!!!

I on the other hand am playing “belts and braces” with distances and petrol stations. Making sure I have short runs, and lots of fill-ups. Worked today. Stopped off at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard to fill up, and have a smoothie. Timed to perfection. Rain started as I went to pay, and was done when I was ready to leave 🙂 “I’d rather be lucky than good”. Hahahahaha

Sun did come out. Am having to drink lots of water. And am all sugared and fast-fooded out! Vegetables! I feel the need for vegetables.

Found a Chinese restaurant with vegetables. Why did I pick this restaurant? Needed to read the fortune cookie stating “Adventure is worthwhile in itself” 🙂 🙂 🙂

PS: Thanks to the young ladies from Utah who took my picture outside Iowa’s Capital building. They also told me about the interior, so I did not have to climb the steps. Shades of Portugal !!!



GPS location Date/Time:07/20/2015 17:39:30 EDT

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