Running through Elk Horn, there were signs for a Danish windmill and museum. Hmmm, I thought, ’tis nearly lunchtime. Plus I had to see something of Iowa, so I pulled off the highway.

The windmill was easy to find. Luckily I missed the turn-off for the museum, and ran along some nice twisties 🙂

Glad I came back to the museum. The garden alone is worth a visit. As it is Jens Jensen inspired. When you do go inside the museum, make sure you visit the top floor, as that is the only vantage point for some items on the ground floor.


Two things that I did not know about Denmark:

(1) They made a motorcycle. See the poster below. The actual motorcycle is in the museum.


(2) Long time ago, the Danish parliament had to meet at 7am. Hard working? Nope. That was the only time the King could be sure that most of the members were sober!  How can you not like a country that would do that :):):)

Only sad part, was the lack of Danish food. So I ran on to Speedee Mart Shell in Avoca. Not only did they have Shell V-Power for the bike, but fresh and delicious tacos for me:)


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