Came into Sioux Falls with two aims: (a) see a play in the park (b) visit the falls. Did both, see below



Met a nice couple at the Falls: Jared & Larry. All the best to them. They are just back from a trip to California.

Jared talk of stew, and my walking up and down the falls prompted a need for food. A quick stop at the nearest Szechwan Chinese restaurant, provided excellent beef fried rice and spring roll to take back to the hotel.

And two pieces of good news.

The GPS and I have come to an understanding. I only use the GPS for 1min or less, and the GPS stays accurate. This means I have to go “old school” using a paper map to pre-planning my route, correlating with, and then loading everything into the GPS. As I ride along, I review the next steps.

A damp bandana works really well at keeping me cool on the move. However, getting stuck in traffic is a life-threatening situation. 85degF and dressed all in black, no shade, surrounded by vehicles producing even more heat. So far I have been lucky and stopped off to replenish my liquids before most traffic jams. One bottle for me, and the other wetting my shirt, at every stop.

GPS location Date/Time:07/21/2015 20:12:05 EDT

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Richard & Pat says:

Almost there. Keep on truckin’