Come for the Dino’s, stay for the Wurst !

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What can I say. The highlight of Dickinson. I pulled in to see the Dino museum. Badlands are supposed to be a good source of dino bones. Not large, but an interesting sideline in gems.

Looking for somewhere for lunch, I rode over to the other side of the highway, and went to ‘The Wurst Shop in Dickinson’.  Everyone was super nice, as they were closing the kitchen as I walked in, but still cooked an OUTSTANDING bratwurst with onions, and a side of saukraut. I drank a litre of water as well. They carry other stuff as well, but I was full, happily full, and had to get to my next motel, so did not investigate more.

NOTE: There is also a large Ukrainian community, as well as a German community. The Ukrainian festival was the previous weekend.

GPS location Date/Time:07/27/2015 17:43:12 EDT

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So we ended up at the Red Lion for German food. Don’t go, is my advice. Shame. I have had really good German food in the USA this summer.