Centre of the World. OK. Just North America

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Had to swing by here. Was on the way. Was a touristico moment. And I used to live near a place in England called Rugby.
Was it worth the visit. Yes. If only for the cup of tea and Mexican dessert.
Was it true? Not according to the locals who said the centre was some miles away. Spoiler alert! Inquiring minds could go to the bottom of this post.

GPS location Date/Time:07/28/2015 16:01:11 EDT

Click this link to map this location.

Knowing that Canada is REALLY big, this CoNA seemed in the wrong spot. After all, it is further from Toronto to the top of Ontario, then to Miami. And there is LOTS more of Canada, above Ontario. So I looked up the northern most lattitude of Canada, and the southern most of USA. Same with east coast of Canada and western most part of Alaska. This gave a location in Saskatchewan, the true Centre of North America