Ukraiinske Sello near Dauphin. Partying begins here

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My thanks to Jerri and Rick for their excellent B&B. Jerri provided a Spanish omelette for breakfast, so good I had two pieces. And she had infinite patience, as it took me a while to pack. They were gracious hosts, in a nicely converted church.

The run to Dauphin was super, along Hwy16 and 50. Both were empty and interesting. And there was me thinking Manitoba was flat.

A sign directed me south to the park with the Ukrainian village where the festival was held. What can I say. Much like the Bloor West festival, but way more people, and participants.

Here is a my bike in front of my tent at the secondary camping area.
20150802_DauphinBikeTent The wind had calmed down after the first day, which was lucky. Not sure how many more tents I could be chasing down:) My tent setup procedure is to peg the fly-sheet first, before inserting the hoops. This means the tent pops up, and you have time to peg the guy-ropes. A lot of people had tents that had to be raised, and then pegged down. Not so easy when high-winds are a blowing. But good video ๐Ÿ™‚

Most people had RV’s or caravans. You can see Gord&Boonie’s (really nice couple from Winnipeg) behind my tent. Their son was part of the crew that bought a school bus, painted the top half blue (thereby giving it the colours of the Ukrainian flag) plus added beds and fridge. It is PARTY CENTRAL! Can anyone remember ‘Summer Holiday‘? Hahaha.

Dauphin was 9km away. A neat town, neat enough for Switzerland. About 8,000 people. I took the bus in for a pub-crawl. Hmmmm. Two beers and I was done. Just two bars. ย So back for more shows and Ukrainian beers.

The final day had more of the same, plus a magician, with 3 bands closing out the evening. The last band, Mad Heads, from Kiev, gave an outstanding performance, including a version of “Shche ne vmerla……” that Jimmy Hendricks would have been proud of.

Huge fireworks display closed off the evening. All those driving next day went to bed, though for the rest, the dancing continued until 5am at the smaller stages.

Ola would have enjoyed this. Lots of chat. Lots of sing-a-long.

Just to give some idea of the crowd, here is the main auditorium. Holds 11,000 people.ย 20150802_DauphinMainAuditorium

You can see the secondary camp area in the background. If you look REALLY close, you cannot see my tent. But, you can see the really big caravan that parked next to me, other side from Gord&Bonnie. ย That is the white vehicle, along the tree line by the roof af the stage, about half way along.

The primary camping site was sold out in January. It was on the top of the hill. Meant that those people did not have to walk up and down the hill all day ๐Ÿ™‚

There was a little village at the top of the hill. Loads of vendors of all things Ukrainian. Food. Beer. Vodka. My favourite was the BBQ sausage ๐Ÿ™‚

If you went down the hill, and to the left of the auditorium, there was a pioneer village with fresh bread being baked in clay ovens. Yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

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