Thunder Bay, and the Sleeping Giant

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Sleeping Giant? There is a penninsula visible from the city, that really looks like a sleeping knight.

A funny city, in that the natural centre is no-where near the current City Hall. Appears that the amalgamation in 1970 has still some way to go. Shame as there are nice areas.

The Finns came here and built Hoito Restaurant, as part of their cultural centre. Worth a visit. No coffee and cake, but next door does have that.

The co-ordinates below will take you to the Sleeping Giant brewery:)

GPS location Date/Time:08/04/2015 17:24:39 EDT

Click this link to map this location.

Richard & Pat says:

Have a great ride back home.

Lahodynskyj says:

Thanks for the cold beer waiting for me 🙂