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Well that was a great weekend ! Thank you BMW Motorrad !!!

Only dampener, was the rain on Friday, which was a drizzle for most of the day, until the heavy rain, just as I was getting close to MoSport. Still, the tent is great. You can setup the fly-sheet first, then clip the sleeping portion inside, in the dry. Changed back to drizzle as I went in search of supplies (water + beer) plus lunch. Came back to find some old friends from the ABC Rally and Trenton had camped besides me 🙂  A couple of beers and an early night. NOTE: Suburbia appears to have reached MoSport. Where is this green-belt?

Up early on Saturday, but NOT early enough. All off-road slots were booked. Eventually, after another 2hrs of queuing, found a ride on the 1200RT at 2pm (big comfy couch on two wheels). Meanwhile, I took a course, free from the guys from Georgian College. All about slow-speed maneuvering. You ride your own bike, so we were all careful 🙂  Then saw Mattie Griffin – same super-skilled mad-man as last year. The afternoon melded into the evening supper, then back to the tent for an early night. With a nightcap by the fire-side, listening to the bands.

Sunday up early, to find people queuing again, so skipped the shower and lined up. Got a spot on a lowered F800GS to go off into the woods. However, by the time I had done the slalom and figure-of-eights on the grass, I realised that I still hated this bike. So called it quits, and went for a coffee and Tim-bits. Cleaned up and joined the BMW parade lap. Luckily we did not have to do the stunts that Mattie was doing around the lap 🙂 If you want a measure of his skill, he gave a show shortly after the parade lap. At the end of the show, he high-fives everyone, using his right hand, and getting everyone, even in the corners.  Basically means he is turning the bike through 90degrees, in it’s own length, one-handed, whilst hitting your palm with his right hand. Awesome.  Then I went shopping for rain gear but nothing to my needs. So, I caught some of the racing, drank more water, had a hot-dog, and packed. Photo below, with the bike just where I was camping …….


Summary of this weekend? You have to be daft if you do not come along next year. The free seminar alone is worth the price of admission. Never mind the trip through the woods on BMW’s own bikes ! As for me, I did buy the right bike. My F700GS is the one for me:)

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