Getting closer to Chicago

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Up to book a place in Shipshewana. Sure does sound like a good word for a song 🙂

Packed to grey sky and rain drops. Put on my new rain-gear and it worked. Rain stopped and the sun came out. Was 23degC by the time I was in Rodney. No poutine (closed for the winter), so I undressed, (just removed the rain-gear, tsk, tsk), had a coffee and butter tart, jumped back on the bike and rode on.

Filled up just before Windsor, then ran across the border. Missed the highway just on the other side of the toll booth. Bad signage. Honest! But that turned out to be lucky. Found Hwy12, which runs into Chicago. Get to see a bit of America.

Had a couple of stops looking for ethanol free fuel, which gave time to have a coffee and stretch my legs, plus the chat 😉

Was well dark when I ran into the Blue Gate Garden Inn. Nice place. And they sent me to 5&20 just in time for soup and salad, before they closed at 8pm.