Making time for James Bond

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Up for a swim followed by breakfast. Real omlette and fruit salad. Wanted to stay one more day, but they are full for the weekend.

Popped over to the Visitor Centre and found how to get to the cheese factory.   Then it was just a hop skip and a jump to the Dutch bakery. Both were OK.

I struck out along the side-roads to Notre Dame University. Home of a John Wayne movie that I remember seeing in black&white as a kid. Most impressive? Size of the stadiums!

Then a quick run to the Cool Springs motel, just south of Michigan City. Road works forced me off-track. But arrived here in time to unpack, and catch the 3:30 show of James Bond in ‘Spectre’. Fun movie. Best quote (spoken to a bad guy), “C stands for Careless”. Hahahaha

Cup of hot tea, and back to the motel, to realize that I have crossed a time-zone, hence the 3:30pm show.

Watched some Dr Who and retired early.