Up to check the bike, and talk with my neighbour (Thee) an ex-network guru, who rides a Boulevard. All AOK with both.

Did some chores, then rode out for breakfast. Well. A late lunch. TripAdvisor listed a bunch, so I went in search of the Pickle&Trunip. A restaurant that travels incognito. Really hard to find. So I ended up at Station 801 a 60’s throw-back with home cooking.Excellent soup, real fries and a nice burger.

Rode over to the beach. Windy. So good for the kite surfers.

Rode around looking for some ethanol-free petrol, but none available, so a coffee and back to the motel.

Couple of things I noted whilst watching TV
(a) Leicester City won again, thereby sharing first spot on 25 points with ManCity and the Gunners. Vardy now scoring in NINE CONSECUTIVE games. Only one other person has done that. Ola would have liked that 🙂
(b) Clooney and DeVito promoting Nespresso. Coincidently, Richard&Pat returned from France extolling the virtues of Nespresso.