As a fan of the Blues Brothers movies, how could I skip Joliet? The answer is, I could not. So I stoped by here, and took this photo.


Joliet, the town, looks to be doing better than the prison, which has been closed down since 2002. Unfortunately, their Route 66 centre was closed down, and nothing foodwise seemed available, so I headed out.

Ran through the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie area without noticing it! Would never happen with Ola, who would call out “vid” (view) when something special came into view 🙂

Stopped off in Wilmington. Place looked a bit down, but worth a visit, if only for Fox’s Pizza. Place needs “a woman’s touch”, but the pizza is AOK!

Decided to run to Springfield, so would need some more petrol.

Richard & Pat says:

Good to see that you are finally heading south and hope that the weather is favourable.


Lahodynskyj says:

Me too. Not warm yet. See later posts…..

Richard & Pat says:

Did you see Bart and the Family in Springfield. You might have stayed with Mr. Burns too.

Lahodynskyj says:

Hahahaha. No. But I am going to another Springfield on Wednesday 🙂