Springfield, Lincoln’s Tomb

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Off to Lincoln’s Tomb, just at the top of Springfield. 20151109_1408_LincolnLiesHere
Then down past Lincoln’s library and office, to Lincoln’s home, which reminded me of home. Yup, we had similar furniture! And candles to light us to bed. The original house was a 1.5 storey, which Mary expanded to a tall 2 storey. Outstanding wallpaper. Fitted carpets rather than rugs. That was a surprise. And the delicacy of the material. Apparently people would come in, take their shoes/boots off and put on slippers that they had brought with them.

Curiously one aspect of his life was missing. Nowhere was there an axe, or a list of slain vampires:)
But the guide did mention that Lincoln was exceptionally fit, even at the end. And could hold an axe at arms length. Standing just like the bowmen of yore.