Hahahahahahahahahaha. The spirit of Ola is alive and well. Scenic routes? All day was spent on scenic routes! Hahahaha.

Clayton recommended a run down to Hot Springs and then west to Mena. Would take me through the Ozarks. Then from Mena to Talihina is even more outstanding a ride. Showed me pictures. What a salesperson 🙂

This morning, I ran some chores, then packed and rode off. The Garmin is not a smart GPS. For example: Leaving the Hilton, I could have run along through the access routes to a set of traffic lights, and then executed a left turn. Nice and safe. Instead Garmin took me to a t-junction where I had to contend with 4 lanes of fast moving traffic, and people turning into the road I was on. The reason I mention this, is that I did not like the route the Garmin plotted out for me. So I ended running south on Hwy13, then on 265.

Ended up at the dam.

The scenary was outstanding.