Dover on Friday the 13th

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Not quite Port Dover, but I had to swing through here, as it was Friday 13th.

Stopped at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Needed a coffee after all the twisties. The rice was very good. I learnt about Bible College, which was outside my domain.

Then, back on the road.

Planned to fill up in Russellville. However the Garmin sent me to the wrong place. I checked, and the GPS coordinates match the address as per Garmin. However, they were out by 5.3km.

Meant I rode through the town, 3 times, along Hwy7, a road filled with ugly strip malls. The third time I noticed the old part, so took a detour. Guess what? The original Russellville is charming. However, no signage. So who would bother to go there?
How can planners get it so wrong? All over the USA and Canada.