I was only, 24hrs from Tulsa

Well, it was a short run from the Blue Whale into Tulsa. Of course I lost Hwy66 on the way in! Still there seems to be an awesome flea market, and a part of Tulsa with old buildings that are being revitalised. Then I rode around the city. First impression being that there are a lot of churches. The buildings were impressive. And there were lots. One on every corner, or so it seemed.

My meanderings around the city allowed me to pickup Hwy66 again. And it ran close to my motel, so ran along until I found something to eat.

This was Ollie’s, which was a bit like the curate’s egg. Good in parts. Place was NEAT. Model trains, trams and ski-lifts, all moving. Lots of other models and memorabilia on the walls. I did arrive just before closing. They were able to do hot tea, liver&onions (good) and some stuff that is in batter and passes for vegetables in the USA.

Still, was close to “home“.

Richard & Pat says:

I thought that you would be in Texas already. Wassup? I guess that you like to meander along whatever road that you come across and don’t actually have a plan of getting to your point of destination.
Must be nice.
Enjoy and cheers to you.

Lahodynskyj says:

I was led astray by a chap who offered me scotch! Sound familiar? Hahahahhaahhaha