Am quite getting used to this. Runing along Route 66. Following the signs. And then…… more signs. Still, saw a very nice park/picnic area along the west side of greater Oklahoma City.

Luckily there are many routes to Elk City. I ended up running along Hwy 152. Nice straight and quiet road. Pity about the wind. Gusting heavy all the way. Was getting chilly by the time I arrived, and topped up with fuel. Found the tea room was really a lunch-time place. Closed 🙁

But the museum was open 🙂
Worth a visit. Especially being able to view the whole route.

Finished and found that it was still light. Threatening, but no rain. So up and “heading on the highway”! Plus there are BIG signs on the road, as well as the normal signs by the road. What could possibly go wrong.