Lost Route 66 again. To be honest. Did not take long. Ended up on Hwy40, and the sun was still up. So, ran onto Erick.

Erick had seen better days. No-where to sleep. So ran along a bit more. And soon was in Texas.

Now Texas is a big state. 50% bigger than Ontario. And Ontario is twice the size of Great Britain. However, the sign stating that tourist information is available in 100 miles, seemed a bit idiosyncratic.

Still windy. And getting colder.
By the time I arrived in McLean, was down to 3degC. Chilly. Really chilly. And had become dark.

Rode through McLean, and the place looked not much different from Erick.

Was about to dress with another layer, when the red lights beckoned. The Cactus Inn was there, with space available. As I rode into here, had my second “near-death” experience. The first was in Oklahoma City, where an SUV moved into my lane, without looking, or indicating. This second moment, was a deposit of sand, that despite my best intentions, slid the bike sideways and I started to fall. Still. Fools and angels. Both are protected.

Booked in. Covered up the bike. At this temperature, there could be snow. Or frost.

Then, went for a steak. Just behind the motel. The Red River Steakhouse. An EXCELLENT rib-eye steak. Also provided green vegetables. Yes. Plural on the vegetables. And no batter involved. That is a first on this trip.
Also, found out that McLean is dry. But I could have done with a shot of JD, to warm me up.

Back to the motel. Wind howling. But snug indoors, and updating the blog. ‘Tyashko na emmigratsiei”

Richard & Pat says:

That steak looks amazing. Did you have the 14 ounce?

Lahodynskyj says:

Yes Sir.
And another today :):):)