Up in the morning, packed and hit the road. Route 66 was Hwy40, so found a local, tucked in behind, and followed that car. That is the safest way to avoid running foul of the various speed limits, IMHO.

Did not need to pull into Groom, as the leaning water-tower and the gigantic cross were visible from the highway.  Which was just as well. I was not sure if I could make the next stop, on the fuel remaining in my tank.

Amarillo hove into sight as my fuel warning light began to shine. Luckily, I knew there was a Pure-Gas location in town. The Garmin, however, took me to the wrong side of Hwy40. A quick review and I soon arrived at the petrol station. Filled up. Nearly 4 gallons, which is a world record for my bike. And a chat from a long-time rider, who had sold his 650GS and was regretting the decision.

Had passed the The Big Texan Steak Ranch along the way. And seen a sign for a curry. After two really good steaks, guess where I was heading.

But before food. Had to do one item.

In my research, turns out that Amarillo is the helium capitol of the USA. Now who would have known that! And still houses the national reserve.  So I rode  to the Helium Monument, and checked off another Route 66 item.

And in case you are wondering why a 4-pronged stainless steel object uses helium in it’s name, the helium atom is represented in the centre. That is, one proton, and two electrons. Had me wondering, until I saw the object 🙂

Another thing you will notice in Amarillo, is the name Harrington. Here is why.