Having missed breakfast, I stopped at a donut shop in Portales, a town enroute to Roswell. Real donut. Nice chat in the shop, then back on the road.

Found Sam’s Club, which promised ethanol free gas. Just needed someone with a Sam’s card to open up the pump for me. Filled up and rode to the Visitor Center. They directed me to the Roswell UFO museum. I parked outside, went in, and had an entertaining time. As their website states, more questions than answers.

Decided to get back to Route 66. Booked the Blue Swallow, and ran hard.
One surprise, was the beautiful countryside as I dropped off the plateau, running along Hwy209. The sun was setting, which lit the east side cliffs. Perfect.

Became dark, but I had a truck to follow, so was safe. At one point, the truck had to swerve around two deer. They were on the side of the road by the time I arrived.