Woke up and lay in bed. Footie was on. And I had to see how Leicester would do. Nice to see Vardy score a great goal. That makes it 10 goals in 10 games, matching the EPL record. Vardy needs 1 more to set a new record. Leicester won 3-0 to land on top of the EPL 🙂 🙂 🙂 The only teams that could knock them off the top, this week, were Arsenal and Manchester City. Arsenal lost 2-1 and ManCity were down 0-3 after 30mins!!! I left my room with a smile on my face to see something of Tucumcari.

Popped by the museum. Was nice. A collection of western and more modern items.

Had chatted with Cameron and Kevin before I headed out, so knew to come to the Tucumcari Ranch Supply. This hardware store pulls out it’s barbeques on Saturday morning. I walked over.
Tucumcari is not built for pedestrians. Guess everyone was used to riding their horses everywhere, and then transitioned to pickups 🙂
Entered the store via the side gate (not a euphemism for a door, an actual gate) and ordered the sliced brisket sandwich, sausage sandwich, potato salad and a coffee.
Yes, this is a general store, with lumber, hardware and more. And yes, the food is great!

I then started walking back, and popped into Dell’s for another coffee and piece of pie.

Along the way back to Blue Swallow, I popped into Tee Pee Curios. Lots of stuff. However, I am on the bike, so bought a badge (button) that looks like a Route 66 road sign.

Had a nap. Then started updating this blog 🙂

NB: The reason for the happy face as I update this blog, is Tucumcari. The Blue Swallow motel is a must-visit motel. And the general store is a brilliant place. But the whole town has somehow managed to find their own way after Route 66. And Tucumcari has done it well. If there is one place you will stop on Route 66, make it here.