Up, packed and ran along to Santa Rosa. Another Route 66 town that had seen better days. Found a spot for breakfast, then carried on Route 66, until I lost it again, and ran along Hwy40.

Stopped off in Moriarty to refuel. Yes, there is a town named after the Sherlock Holmes villan. But that is not how the town was named. Pity.

But refueling with ethanol-free, premium gasoline was going to have to wait. This station required a Zip-code to be entered with the card, and so would not accept my Canadian card. Luckily, as I was vociferously castigating the idiot-savants that inhabit the computing world, a gentleman showed up. Clay (a pilot) was checking that the card reader was up, as it had been down the last time he needed fuel for his plane. I called him a gentleman, because he used his card and allowed me to fill the bike and RotoPax.

From Moriarty, it was a straight run North to Los Alamos.

Had to stop and take a photo. The countyside was looking better and better, the closer I came to Los Alamos.