Haak’u was closed, but :)

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Packed and left Gadalupe Inn. Nice place full of nice people, such as Yuri & Marika, both from Moscow. Also, a couple in town to visit their son for Thanksgiving, who were Bikers too.

I rode around Santa Fe, in order to take in the sites. Nice place. City has taken care to build new to fit in with the old.

Ran down to Albuquerque, where I stopped for fuel. There were updates on Pure-Gas.org that I had not input. Meant I got to see more of the city, as I drove from one location to the next.

Filled up at G&T then ran out along Central, which is the old Route 66. Found a spot for lunch.

Next stop was the Haak’u Museum, which was closed. However, the ride back to Hwy40 was outstanding. Scenery was brilliant.

Filled up in Milan. Thanks to all the helpful people 🙂

Then ran along till Gallup and so to bed.

Richard & Pat says:

Yup. It also snowed last night but most of it is melted now.At least it’s sunny.