Booked the Guadalupe Inn whilst in Los Alamos.

Gave me a target. An easy run in to Santa Fe. Turned out the road had gorgeous views. No safe place to stop and take photos. But trust me. A great road. Even prettier than the way up.

Was lots of white stuff on the ground. I believe it is called snow. So hard to remember 😉 Was in the woods and everywhere else there was shade. None on the road.

Arrived in the dark. Made it difficult to find the entrance to the Inn, but what a nice place.

Unpacked and started walking to the main plaza. Was cold. really cold. Popped into Radish&Rye which was only two doors over.

Popcorn with duck fat was scrumptious. The soup OK (a bit to strongly favoured for me), and an outstanding pork chop with greens. Finished up with a flaming tea 🙂