Was a quick run into Gallup, where I stayed at the Road Runner motel. It was cheap. Nice family own the place.

In the morning, I ran through the town. Still has lots of Route 66 signage, including neon. And loads of Indian (Native) jewellery.

Tried keeping to Route 66, but after some meanderings out in the countryside, ended up back on Hwy40.

Ran along till I found the signage too hard to resist. Stopped off for some herbal tea, and really good pemmecan.

Needless to say, my efforts to stay along Route 66 put me into the countryside again 🙂 So back onto Hwy40 and run on to the distant snow-capped mountains. The countryside really does look like one big ocean, with islands, flat topped islands, and the ocean has dried out. Even the remaining rivers are nearly all dried out.

At a Rest Stop met another rider heading to Sedona, for Thanksgiving. Rides a Vulcan. Nice chat. Would have been longer, but the lack of food was getting to me!