Bagel and again, an excellent espresso at Wildflower Bakery.

Rode out of Sedona on the same wonderful road, Hwy89A, which was outstanding again, despite the overcast sky. All I could hear was Ola’s voice shouting “Vid” (view), which she would do when we were touring in the Mini🙂 It really is an outstanding road!

I rode into Flagstaff and parked at the Lowell Observatory. Three great tours, showing different facets of the history and continuing work at the observatory. Make sure you have Jim showing you around! And if you want to know all about the Universe, you can skip the visit, and just listen to Monty Python. The numbers quoted are as accurate as could be !

Then rode the mile or so to the motel. 3pm. Earliest that I have ever arrived at a motel. Gave me time to look at the rest of the Route 66 trip, at least from the routing perspective. Looks like there is only ethanol filled gasoline from here on in. And accommodations might be a challenge.

Popped out for a beer here, to the Mother Road Brewing Company, an easy stroll from the motel. Beer is alright, but their service……….so picked up a pizza from Pizzicletta. Excellent pizza and appetizers 🙂

And so to bed. Tomorrow is US Thanksgiving, and the Grand Canyon 🙂

Richard & Pat says:

Have a Great Thanksgiving dinner.

Lahodynskyj says:

Did 🙂