Well that was quite the run. Easy run along Hwy40, then south along Hwy89A. If you have not done Hwy89A, get to it right now! Outstanding scenery. First a bit of gentle twisties, along forested roads. Then all of a sudden, the canyon appears, and you start down to Sedona. Quite the ride. Cliffs of different colours and shapes. Really twisty, twisties. Then a run into a traffic jam. Yes. 4:30pm is rush hour in Sedona. Lasted about 40mins, whilst I filled up 🙂

Thought I might stay the night and have supper. However, had issues with the WiFi. So am staying the night, but no supper! Boo! Hoo! Sedona closes down around 9pm.

Still. Gives me a chance to update the blog 😉