Was a bit chillier than the weather forecast. So I was up early. Caught the sunrise over the canyon. And then for breakfast. A decent steak n eggs 🙂

Walked over to the Visitor’s Center, to see what else I should be doing, and heard an announcement that the movie was about to start.
Comfy seats. Dim lighting. I did not last long. Hahahaha

Came out of the movie to see SNOW. Lots of blowing SNOW.

Talked to the chaps in the Center, and they stated that the snow would be intermittent.

So taking their advice, I caught the bus to the eastern edge of this park, and walked back.
When the snow stopped, the view was great.
Otherwise, this was the view

Had a snack, then to bed. Early night. No campfire. No songs. Instead, lay in my bed listening to a young James Bond novel.