Sometimes Quitting is the Right Thing to Do

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Riding back to my tent, realised that the cold had taken more out of me than I thought. Cold is insidious. Saps the energy, and the mind.

Needed to stop, so parked at the Tusayan ruins, right next to the museum. Hard to imagine how the 30-ish residents in 1158AD were able to sustain themselves. No close sources of rain.

Maybe they had an Egyptian engineer provide irrigation? Haha.

Back to my tent. Double-check the bike, for tomorrow. All AOK. Loaded in the last of the ethanol free petrol that the bike will see for a while. Hopefully, that will keep the ice away from the fuel pump.

Am heading south west, where it is warmer 🙂 Back on Route 66

PS: Why double-check the bike? Handling was a bit strange at the start. My take on that? The bike had been parked for 3 days and the tires were frozen into some weird shape, until warmed up.

Richard & Pat says:

Good to hear you are still persevering. Not the route I would have taken but then again you are much braver that I am.
Tijuana is not too far to warm up.
P/S/ Did you find your ancestry in Utah with the Mormons?

Lahodynskyj says:

No Utah. But warm weather in Nevada :):):)