All best laid plans of mice and men.

Last night, I scored a lift right to my tent after updating my blog:) Also, got to hear about a rumoured Egyptian treasure trove, right here in the Canyon! And in an area that is now off-limits. Some of the rumours can be found here.

The plan all along had been to make a run to Monument Valley, and see the landscape of the Westerns from my youth. But the weather had not been cooperating, so today was the last chance.

I caught a good night’s sleep, with visions of Utah and Egyptians, dancing in my head.

Awoke to find the top of the sleeping bag damp. Must have been another cold night. Tried starting the bike. Took a while. Temperature showing as -10.5degC, so no wonder it felt cold.

I ran east for some 30mins and my feet were numb. The further from the camp site I rode, the warmer it became. Reached -2degC, so it was not going well. I put on another layer to my jacket and carried on. Lasted about another 15mins when the Desert View stop hove into view.

This is where I thought I had gotten to on Day02. Nope. The buses do not run this far. WELL worth the visit. You can see the start of the Canyon here. Awesome. A different kind of awesome.

Plus the tower itself is a work of art. Huge picture windows. And heat:) Plus an outdoor patio, in the sun 🙂

And Baja Chicken Soup was available:)

I put aside the rest of the trip. Some 200+km. I could get there, but would be riding back, in the dark, with big critters wandering over the road.

Rule#1 in motorcycling: Stay alive