Came in last night. Did laundry. Showered, and went out all clean and shiny new:) Pity the town was closed. Early in the week, most everything is done by 8:30pm.

Still, found some cheese&bread and 3 likely-lads in a bar. Good chat. Back and to bed.

Up in the morning. Pack and ride some 80 yds to the Mohave museum. Lots to see, and you get to visit two other historic buildings.

Long chat with Roger, another biker with handlebar muffs 🙂 Ex-mechanic who also likes to ride all year.

After the Route 66 museum over to Mr D’z for a bite to eat. There I met the delightful Danielle……
Great time and I was led astray. Told I have to go to Vegas 🙂
PS: The steak&eggs was OK too. And did I mention that the meal was free? Must be a secret Santa in town.