What can I say. It’s Vegas baby!

Booked into the Hotel Paris. Huge place. Booking in was like getting onto a plane. Loads of people. Am on the 15th floor. Nice room. Looking a little tired. But nice. Loads of space. And all mod cons.

In Vegas. So I have to book a show. Decided upon The Ultimate Variety show.

Bought a ticket at Planet Hollywood, right next door to Hotel Paris. Given directions to the theatre. Got lost.

Found a

  • place for a manicure. Four weeks on the road, including camping in the Grand Canyon and the cold, had been rough on my hands. Some TLC was called for.
  • bar for a cheese-burger and one mai tai. Both excellent. Maybe the 151 proof rum had something to do with the drink ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • benefit to waiting in line. They come and serve drinks to you. Makes waiting a pleasure!!! Hahahaha

And the show? Was great. Really great! Eastwood was OUTSTANDING as the host and juggler. The other acts were GREAT too. Small theatre, so all good seats. Was a great choice.

Then back to the my hotel.

Nice raspberry pastry and cappuccino. ย And to bed.

Viva Las Vegas ๐Ÿ™‚