Amboy for EXPENSIVE gasoline

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Having gone out of the way, that is via Nevada, I needed to top up with gasoline. Still had my RotoPax with pure gas, so poured that in. Lube’d the chain, and set off again. Whilst doing this, a kind gentleman did stop and ask if I was OK.

With only a gallon in reserve, did not take long for the low-fuel light to come on again. Not too far away was Amboy, where there was a¬†gas station. Prices looked high, and only two pumps were operational. $19US to fill up. A world record for my bike! Chap keen on getting cash. ¬†Claimed no ethanol, but……… So yes this station is the only one around, but be prepared to pay TWICE the normal price.

Back on the road, still windy, still roller-coaster ups and downs, and long stretches of NOTHING.