Had to see the old London Bridge. Bought some time ago, and shipped to Arizona. Living in England at the time, I was amazed, as was the rest of the country, that anyone would want to buy and ship this old bridge. So had to swing by, and see it. Sure has different surroundings now 🙂


I stopped off here, and went for fish&chips. Was all-you-can-eat at the Barley Brothers pub.

Should have stayed. There was an accident on Hwy95 as I was heading back to Route 66, some 4 miles south of Hwy40. People were driving over the desert. I sat and waited, and waited as the sun sank.  Darkness is not fun when animals can run onto the road. Turned around, and after a bit of shopping, popped into a Starbucks. Found a fellow biker, with a Ducati. Nice chat.

Then found a place to stay. Jennifer was very helpful, and fun.

Chinese for supper.

When the world throws lemons, make lemonade 🙂

Richard & Pat says:

Finch and Chimps sound good about now. Must head over to the Queen & Beaver for top up. And maybe a pint, or two.

Lahodynskyj says:

Am settling down to Doctor Who and a curry 🙂